Linking the Cape with the Torres Strait


The Team

Peddells Ferry and Tour services are a company created from generations of dreams and experiences. After retiring from the boatbuilding business in the Pearling era and with saltwater in their DNA the enduring connection with the sea and illan culture combined to provide a means of safe passage for both residents and visitors crossing the blue water passage between Cape York and Thursday Island in the heart of the Torres Strait archipelago. The service operates year round be it one passenger requiring the convenience of a ferry trip, ten or twenty. Travellers are carried across the Straits in the region’s largest vessels for the safest and most comfortable travel in the variable local conditions.

You will find your captain and crew when not at work either on or under the ocean waves, continuing the oldest traditions in the island of outrigger canoe or spear fishing to feed the family. The sea is their passion and sharing their lived experience, and stories passed on from generations is their absolute pleasure.

Peddells also created an opportunity for anyone wanting to experience the beauty of Thursday Island and learn of its past and present through the eyes of a local guide. Peddells Tour Buses operate most days during the main visitor season June to September. On their island bus tour you will be delighted to learn of Torres Strait’s colourful past and entertained by Peddell’s professional guides in depth narratives of this regions vast military, maritime, cultural and pearling history. This guided tour is quite simply the best way to explore historic Thursday Island. Your tour visits all the main points of interest as well as areas off-the-track and includes admissions to the displays housed in the underground rooms and tunnels of Green Hill Fort.   A modern fleet including 20 and 38 seat air-conditioned coaches ensures you tour in both comfort and style.

The ‘MV Torres Magic’ offers a mechanised system for luggage handling, onboard kiosk, Nespresso coffee machine, air-conditioned cabins on both decks as well as sun deck seating on the bow and greater wave reach for a more comfortable ride.  MV Strait Magic of similar design, also operates this route as required. These large, fast aluminium catamarans were purpose built with the unique seaway between Seisia Cape York and Thursday Island in mind. These larger craft negate the need to cross this expanse of ocean in smaller craft and dinghies, improving both safety and comfort.

The Jetty Shop: In response to demand from visitors stepping ashore and departing from the Engineers Jetty on Thursday Island, Peddells established a gift store that is all about quality, identifying the most sought after items and making them conveniently available to their ferry clientele. A selection of gifts and souvenirs from Peddells Jetty Shop are also available at the kiosk onboard the ‘MV Torres Magic’ with a focus on incorporating locally designs from the Straits and near neighbours in PNG (Bilums & Bilas).

“We are passionate about sharing the story of our island home with visitors and love the challenge and intrigue that is part of life, love and work on a remote island in this culturally unique part of  the far far north of Australia.”  “Mina big esso for travelling and touring with us”

The Peddell Family & Crew