Linking the Cape with the Torres Strait
If you are travelling from Thursday Island to Seisia you must obtain approval from NPARC. Please contact NPARC for an Access Application Form and lodge with council well in advance. Passengers are also required to complete a Biosecurity Form as per Qld Govt. policy. Passengers must present their Approved Application upon boarding to Qld Police who will check you upon departure. Essential or Urgent Travel only. In the context of Novel coronavirus (COVID-19) “Essential Definition”: “absolutely necessary; extremely important” Essential or Urgent will include: Doctors or nurses or medical workers Paramedics Police Defence Force personnel Emergency Services personnel Essential Services personnel (e.g. Ergon, Telstra, Trility) Family members returning locally after self-quarantining as prescribed OR clear of symptoms of COVID-19 Contractors by invitation & conditions after self-quarantining as prescribed OR clear of symptoms of COVID-19 Personnel authorised by NPARC Essential or Urgent will NOT include: Tourists Visitors (uninvited) Carrier Notice: The carrier reserves the absolute right to decline ferry travel departing Thursday Island Or Seisia • In the interest of community safety, those with symptoms of fever, cough, and/or breathlessness will need to postpone travels to prevent from being denied boarding Travel recommendations to ensure passenger and crew safety All passengers to protect themselves and others by following these travel recommendations to prevent the spread of the virus: • Frequent hand washing • Practice a cough and sneeze etiquette • Social distancing Currently Torres Shire Council does not require application for travel NPA to Thursday Island however this may change without notice. Again Essential Travel Only!

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